Bhubaneswar,(Voice of India/Binaya Kumar Das)Chitrotpala Satsang Vihar celibates the holy 136th Janma Maha Mahotsav of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra and 22nd Inaugural Utsav of Sri Mandir on 3rd March ‘2024.In this occasion, there was a Religious Conference.Attending   this Conference Dr. Bibekananda Singh, Lecturer in Political Science ,who has done Ph.D in Political Science that is “Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra ‘s Ideas on society, state, government and politics” as per the New Guide Line of the University Grant Commission, New Delhi, expressed his  feelings, that we need to genuinely care for the good of others.

Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra defines being beneficent itn his Metaphysics of Morals, as giving happiness to others,according to one’s means without expecting anything in return as every one’s duty.The Indic paradigm weaves this concept of charity within a religious,spiritual framework, exhorting all to contribute generously part of their wealth,rather than hoard it.In fact, no body takes anything along at the time of death.We must also be ready to receive knowledge that prepares an individual to face the varied and myriad issues of life, existence and metaphysical issues as well.For this,an ever inquiring mind is necessary and it deepens knowledge. Socrates would tell his disciples ‘ I will not teach you anything now, I will teach you how to inquire logically, think creatively and act aesthetically.’ Going by a cover of the book does not help nor does flipping through the pages.But one should pore over every page and word , the book of life contains.Last but not the least, the attribute associated with the wholesome existence is shedding one’s ego,purging the self of narrow  interest,and cooperation with the collectivity. Thus the act of giving to the needy, receiving useful knowledge along with lessons taught by life and finally, not being prisoner of one’s ego,will rekindle the human instinct of love, kindness,and compassion for all to pave the way for a healthy society.Dr. Singh expressed his gratitude to Dr. Binayak Mohapatra PR for giving an Opportunity to avail such type of gathering in the Rural area and organising this Man making Movement in our state. Former Director General of Income tax Sj. Nrusingh Prasad Tripathy was presided over the session. Former minister and honourable MLA Mahanga Sj. Pratap Jena, Sj. Sanjeev Nayak,SPR,Professor Kedarnatha Mohanty,SPR, also expressed their views in this congregation. The vote of thanks was given by Sj Dhanurdhar Sahoo,SPR.

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