Bhubaneswar, 3/12/2023 ( Voice of India/Binaya Kumar Das)-: The State Government is championing the socio-economic empowerment of Women SHGs through interest-free loans up to 5 lakhs for Mission Shakti Groups (MSG).
To streamline the execution of MUKTA projects in 2023-24, the Housing and Urban Development (H&UD) department has urged Collectors, Municipal Commissioners, and Executive Officers of Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) to ensure bank linkage for MSGs with work orders.
The department has asked the collectors to give emphasize for expediting credit sanction through special drives involving MSGs and bankers. The goal is to create awareness about interest subvention benefits as announced by Hon’ble Chief Minister among SHG members.
Additionally, a crucial condition stipulates that selected Mission Shakti Groups executing MUKTA projects must not be bank defaulters. This condition requires thorough verification by scrutiny committees and further scrutiny at the ULB level.
The department underscores the collective responsibility of concerned officials, COs, CMMs, and MUKTA teams across 115 ULBs to proactively ensure bank linkage for MSGs holding work orders in 2023-24.
The collectors have been directed to give a concerted effort including special drives involving MSGs and Bankers to facilitate on-the-spot loan sanctions and raise awareness about interest subvention benefits among SHG members.

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